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Classic or minimal, modern or traditional – everyone has an ideal design they have envisioned for their space, be it their very own home, or their place of business. Here at Mefco Interiors, our forte is to transform your vision into a feasible design and to impeccably execute that and make it a reality.If you wish to stylise your home, or if you want to enhance the interiors of your commercial space, we have a team of top interior designers who will create a design exclusively for you.

Our Expertise: What Makes Us One of the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

Mefco Interiors provides a versatile suite of bespoke design solutions for every industry – be it retail, hospitality, corporate, or even exhibition markets. In our effort to be the best interior designers in the local and international market, we make it a prerequisite to listen to our clients’ needs, and form a holistic design that meets their specific requirements.

Whether you want a home that features a rich, colourful palette, a modern office that plays on sleek and minimalistic elements, or a theme that pays tribute to culture and traditions, we will ensure you see the results you expect – and more!


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About Our Company: Providing Exclusively Tailored Interior Design in Bangalore

Mefco Interiors is a distinguished provider of innovative and bespoke solutions for residential and commercial interior design here and abroad. In addition to being one of the best and top interior design companies in Bangalore, India, we also have an elite list of clientele throughout the UAE and the UK - a successful track record grown over 20 years of industry excellence and experience, driven by a distinctive knowledge base.

One of the major cogs to our success as one of the best interior design companies locally and internationally is our highly experienced and professional team – over 200 personnel – that collaborates to deliver exceptional customer service to retail, corporate, and exhibition markets. With Mefco, clients are able to obtain complete turnkey solutions all under one roof, including interior fit out, electro-mechanical, and IT services.

We ensure to work independently in each of our service line, which gives us an edge in the quality of the services and the customised solutions we provide our valuable clients. We are committed to empowering designers and advancing our field of expertise, and we do this by facilitating our team’s ability to function at a higher level operationally and position themselves as a luxury provider.

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