Professional Apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore

Mefco Interiors is an international design company that specialises in transforming dream homes into a tangible reality. Looking for the best home interior designers in Bangalore? Mefco Interiors is composed of a team of vivacious and versatile apartments interior designers who will closely work with you to create the ideal living space you want for yourself and your family.

Lovely home interior design in Bangalore

Rich in colour and texture, the interiors of an Indian home traditionally exude a vibrant energy and a warm welcoming atmosphere. A typical home or apartment interior design usually features classic wooden furniture intricately carved by talented wood artisans. Some apartments even have the traditional jhoola, or indoor swing, as well as a charpoy, another piece of traditional wooden furniture. Complementing the wood furniture are pillows and curtains decorated with colourful or printed silk, cotton, and other textiles.

Like the picture? If you wish to have such a classically beautiful Indian home, Mefco Interiors are the interior designers for apartments in Bangalore that can help you. However, if you want an apartment interior design that incorporates modern elements, or looks more contemporary, our designers for apartments and homes can also create a concept that perfectly blends Indian culture and traditions with the modern and the new.

Creating the best home interior design especially for you

Here at Mefco, our goal is to always give the best possible design and solutions for each and every client. With us, you can expect to work with designers who will listen to your need and will create a design that is based on your needs and preferences. You can be sure that throughout the process of designing the best home for you, we will always take your input and your budget into consideration.

Want to refresh the look and style of your living room? Do you wish to create a more relaxing and comfortable bedroom for you and your family? Or perhaps a well-appointed kitchen where you can cook more enjoyably? Simply let us know what your dream home is, and we will do our very best – and more – to bring it to life.