“Sustainability in our supply chain”

It is important for Mefco Interiors that all the manufacturers we partner with share our environmental ethos and so each one is striving to reduce its own impact on the environment by implementing sound manufacturing processes and policies.
An increasing number of our manufacturers are accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental standard, taking this through their own supply chains to ensure greener procurement.
Our supply partners are committed to ensuring their waste-sorting practices are in line with the latest methods and waste is avoided wherever feasible and recycled whenever possible, thus, creating a recycling process in production.

Additionally, manufacturers also take the lead in knowledge-sharing about environmental issues. For example, Teknion works closely with LEEd (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design; the US Green Building Councils voluntary rating and certification programme for developing high performance sustainable green-built environments) and has provided information about LEEd to over 5,000 industry professionals and has a continuous programme of knowledge sharing through accredited training sessions.

Disposal & Recycling

Mefco Interiors removes damaged and broken seating from sites for disposal for which we follow strict procedures. All chairs are returned to our warehouse and stripped back to component form. This allows us to re-build approximately 25% of the seating into other useable product. The remaining components and materials are sorted and disposed of via the most efficient and environmentally-sound methods available. All metal and plastic components are recycled. A minimal amount of non-recyclable elements remain and are collected by our registered waste disposal contractor.
The re-built seating is either used as a loan product for clients awaiting new seating, or is donated to worthy causes. Thousands of products have been donated this way to charities and sports clubs